October 22nd, 2021 / Nassau, The Bahamas

Why moving to the Bahamas will change your life forever

By Benjamin Gunst

There may be tons of reasons why you want to move to The Bahamas. If you are still unsure about making one of the most meaningful decisions in your life, let me convince you as to why you should.

Suppose you compare living costs with the USA average. In that case, you will see that rental prices are 10% less, on average, and buying a house in The Bahamas is around 50% more affordable. The figures may vary, of course, depending on the type of property. Additional savings come in the form of taxes, as the government solely retains a payroll tax and VAT on specific goods and services.

Some things can be a bit more expensive at the supermarket as the country imports most of its goods from the continent (a typical problem for islands). However, fruits and vegetables are reasonable and of better taste quality.

In The Bahamas, you will have the most fantastic weather in the world. It is so consistent that there are only two seasons. During the wet season (May - October), the temperature means 30-33°C (86-91°F). During the dry season (November - April), it varies between 25-28°C (77-82°F) and rarely falls below 20°C (68 °F). Hurricane season peaks in August and September, however, according to historical data, fewer hurricanes hit The Bahamas than the mainland East Coast of the USA.

Located 80 km (50 miles) away from Florida, the archipelagic state comprises 700 islands surrounded by its natural environment of magnificent scenery. Fishing, snorkeling, swimming open waters, and diving are common hobbies of the residents of this paradise country.

Urban life is not like in major cities of North America or Europe. Still, you will find plenty of entertainment and shopping activities for you and your family. You can visit the Pirates of Nassau Museum to learn about the history of the real Pirates of the Caribbean. You can learn about the local culture by visiting the Nassau Heritage Museum or The Bahamas Historical Society Museum and immerse yourself in art at the National Art Gallery.

Regarding public health, the government introduced in 2016 the National Health Insurance Bahamas Program that allows every citizen and resident access to free primary healthcare. These free consultations include physical examinations such as height, weight and BMI checks, in addition to screenings for high-risk behaviour, mental wellness, oral health, and visual impairments. Additionally, it covers routine examinations for newborns and young children as well as early diagnosis and treatment of common diseases for everyone.

Private and modern healthcare facilities are also available in Nassau. Many specialists come in seasons from the USA for residents' peace of mind and comfort.

Can you imagine living in a place with 340 sunny days a year? What would you do if I told you that this place also has the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world and plenty of glamorous residential options to live in? Welcome to the Bahamian lifestyle.

Benjamin Gunst is a high-net-worth wealth management advisor with over 19 years of experience in Europe, Canada and the Caribbean. He holds a Master's degree in International Business at the Institut Supérieur Européen de Gestion.


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